May 15 - 21 2023 | Kenya

Kenya Impact Marathon 2023

The most powerful way to experience Kenya: an immersive week spent supporting women's empowerment and learning from the elite runners.



In May 2023, we are heading back to the home of distance running...During your week with us, we will take you right into the heart of the Kenyan running machine - with track sessions, dawn runs and a race day where the best runners in the world will not sprint off into the distance, but run beside you and pace you to your finish line moment. We will once more be working with the truly inspirational Five Talents team in supporting local business endeavors as a path to uplift communities and empower women across Kenya.


Track Day

90 minutes of unadulterated running heaven! Join world record holders, marathon champions and olympic athletes, as they teach you the secrets to their success. It truly is the most fun it is possible to have whilst feeling entirely out of breath and filled with lactic acid. We make sure the session is accessible and awesome no matter what your running ability is!

Tea Plantations

You've never seen anything like this. Smashing any preconceptions of Kenya out of the water, the surreal, lush greenery of the plantations is truly a runner's paradise. You'll be running the exact same paths on which world records are forged. We'll also take you inside the tea-making process and give you a new appreciation for what goes into your cuppa.

Empowered Women

This is what makes your experience so unique - understanding the power of microfinance to uplift communities and empower women. You'll hear how this sustainable system is changing lives and how some incredibly innovative entrepreneurs have harnessed this to lift their families out of poverty.


When you ask someone to picture Kenya - there's a good chance this is the first thing that springs to mind. There are three different times you can add a safari into your time with us. We work with amazing guides who know every trail and offer incredible insight into the stories of each species you see along the way.


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An experience I will never forget. It has given me the enthusiasm and knowledge to spread the work of five talents and the fact that Impact Marathon supports five talents so well. A joy to share this experience with so many amazing people who supported one another throughout the trip.

2018 Impact Runner

Trip of a lifetime. Wonderful experiences, wonderful group of people, well organised, no bad comments.

2018 Impact Runner

Overwhelming, challenging, inspirational, well-organised!

2018 Impact Runner


Nick Kershaw

Impact Marathon

Nick has spent more time in Kenya than any of our other Impact events. His connection with the running community was built on the day he managed to finish last in a 10km race here... by 12minutes! Since then, the Kericho runners took him under their wing and have embraced the spirit of Impact Marathon. Nick drives the energy all week and his connection with the country, the community and the event is permanently on display.


Rachel Lindley

Five Talents

Simply put - without Rachel, there is no Kenya Impact Marathon. Combining her passion for running and her incredible work with Five Talents she approached Impact Marathon with the idea and then drove the race to reality. As the CEO of Five Talents, Rachel is an amazing person to learn from, as her love for Kenya and the empowering work of her team is truly inspiring. Her ultrarunning skills are on full display come race day as she effortlessly glides around the race route trying to make sure she has run with every one of the Impact Runners along the way. 


Benard Rotich

Elite Athlete

Winner of Talinn, Gallipoli, Belfast and Dublin Marathons - Benard is a fearsome athlete and inspiring runner. He has been a figure of the Impact Marathon world since our first race, leading our morning runs and our track sessions. His international standing as one of the top marathon runners in the world leads to Impact Runners picking his brain over everything from nutrition to injuries and he is always happy to advise and put forward some rather challenging training plans.


Emmy Ronoh

Five Talents

"This is Emmy" - the first three words we all heard from Emmy  - and once met, never forgotten. Emmy runs the Five Talents projects in Kericho and is truly a force of nature. She manages to balance her work with her family,  her church and her high energy social life. You will quickly warm to her loving, caring and excitable character.



We aim for all Impact Runners to smash through at least £1000 of fundraising - this is what brings the Impact Week alive and leaves a lasting legacy in the communities we seek to serve. The Impact Marathon Foundation has the goal of catalyzing change and supporting tangible, grassroots organisations with our funds, affirmation and a platform to tell their story In Kenya we have worked with one organisation only, so that we can maximise our impact and create a real power to our fundraising.

Five Talents

The growth of microfinance techniques has been a gamechanger in the world of international development. The idea that we can create groups of savers within a community, to then begin to responsibly and compassionately loan to each other to instigate business growth is simple yet effective. The simplicity extends to the business ideas themselves, it can be as simple as a lady selling potatos who uses the loan to accelerate her income by purchasing more stock at lower prices due to the her new economies of scale. This, in turn, enables her to pay for her children to attend school - and so the cycle of development continues. What inspires the Impact team… Not only is microfinance, when used responsibility a powerful tool for women’s empowerment, but the Five Talents team have a particular aim to be educating around good financial and business practice. The fundraising we do goes solely into capacity building and training - the funds for the loans? That is all generated by the beneficiaries themselves.

Green World Programme

The Impact Marathon 'Green World Programme' is the culmination of a great collaborative effort across our organisation, support network and the industry. Across our races, we work with a variety of projects that are on the frontline of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is crystal clear that the achievement of our social goals is intimately interlinked with our race towards a sustainable future. We will continue to support projects that incorporate sustainability solutions into their understanding of how to drive social change and achieve their key indicators within the SDGs.

May 15 - 21 2023

FROM $1,687.98/pp

May 15 - 21 2023

FROM $1,687.98/pp